Is your In-building Public Safety Communication System (DAS/ERRCS) annual warranty or certification about to expire ?

      Get protected now with           SEDAS SHIELD.

What is a DAS/ERRCS ?

An In-Building Public Safety Distributed Antenna System or DAS is also known as Emergency Responder Radio Communication System or ERRCS. Is an essential system required by National Building Code Ordinance in every building where emergency response services or signal levels do not meet the local requirements. Adequate Police and Fire Departments services are usually a requirement for an Occupancy Certificate.

What is a DAS SHIELD Plan?

It is a protection plan for your In-Building Public Safety Communication System (DAS/ ERRCS) .
It’s an annual service agreement that provides coverage for repairs and/or replacements of the
covered components.

Why SEDAS SHIELD? We are glad you asked.

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    Our focus is the protection of the systems and ensuring a fast response when a system fails. When the moment comes you will be glad you are protected by us.

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    We provide additional protection inclusive for things that a standard MFW warranty doesn’t.
    Even with an active MFW warranty your could be paying too much for your system repairs.

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    Ideally a DAS SHILED Plan should be part of the initial bid package or purchase. Not only will it provide maximum protection for your investment, but also will unlock access at any time to the SEDAS SHIELD PRIME MEMBERSHIP benefits. If is not included, requested !!!

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    No component or system is too old.
    You can get protection regardless of the age or appearance of your covered items — no maintenance records or inspection required. Now those breakdowns are our problem, not yours.

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    Even your satisfaction is covered.
    With our 30-day guarantee, if you have an issue with your completed repair within 30 days of service, we’ll send a contractor back out for free.

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    We are here to serve and protect.
    We are your technical advisor to ensure your are getting the best deals on your repairs and nothing you do not actually need.

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    We created this membership to make your experience with us even better. You need help from our Pros? No problem. Want additional discounts? Done. What about a consultant to help you make the next big decision? We have you covered too.

Welcome to SEDAS SHIELD PRIME MEMBERSHIP An annual and exclusive membership included in every plan for FREE.

A one year membership included in every DAS SHIELD Plan. A $2000.00 Value

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    Members will receive in person or telephone consultation concerning their system. A total of 5 sessions per year, up to 1 hour in length. Use this benefit to get independent, unbiased, and professional services from a external consultant company. Example of consultations are general questions, upgrades or expansion needs, help selecting contractors, industry trends, and more.

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    Discounts with selected premium partners on items such as spare parts, maintenance, or services.

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    Special Financing to cover for unforced expenses related to your system.

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    Building Code changes every year. If you ever need to upgrade your system to meet new Code demands, the membership provides discounts off the suggested retail price of brand names.

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    Get competitive bids for a new or existing DAS/ERRCS from our professional network.

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    Get competitive bids for your system’s annual recertification from our professional network.

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    We are not done yet. More benefits coming soon.


We have created easy to understand plans that work for all customers and budgets. Select the level of protection, tell us about your system, and request your free quote. We will take care of the rest.










How it works

Keeping Your In-Building Public Safety Communication System (DAS/ERRCS) Protected. This is how it works.

  • 1st step:

    Request service online.

  • 2nd step:

    We will assess the situation, assign a repair professional, and collect the service call free.

  • 3rd step:

    We will repair or replace your covered  components or system.


We still want to help you !

Immediately schedule a visit with one of our trusted and licensed professionals.

Congratulations on your In-Building Public Safety DAS/ERRCS anniversary !

A lot of things change in one yea. Do you need help with the annual recertification of your system?
We can help you find more options.

Need a new In-Building Public Safety DAS/ERRCS for your new or existing building ?

We will connect you directly with our professional network.